A comment in Developmental Cell

March 22nd, 2021

In this issue of Developmental Cell, Chuyen et al. (2021) suggest that the Scf/Kit pathway controls mutual repulsion of multiciliated cells and their affinity for epidermal cell junctions through soluble and membrane-associated Scf ligands, respectively. In a comment published in the same issue, Michel Milinkovitch discusses the possibility that effective self-organisational patterning emerges at the mesoscopic scale as a small set of effective behaviours. Hence, he conjectures that a relatively simple, coherent and predictive theory of development at the mesoscopic and macroscopic scales can emerge from the unmanageable profusion of variables that populate the nanoscopic and microscopic scales.

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Emergence of self-organisational patterning at the mesoscopic scale
Michel C. Milinkovitch
Developmental Cell, 56, March 22, 2021