The NCCR SwissMap

July 30th, 2018

The National Center of Competence in Research "The Mathematics of Physics" (acronym SwissMAP) is a funding program of the Swiss National Science Foundation encouraging research at the crossroads between mathematics and theoretical physics. Check the promotional video below … where Professor Stanislav Smirnov also speaks about his collaboration with our laboratory (starting at 5:00).

The NCCR SwissMap research program brings together internationally renowned researchers from most major Swiss institutions.

The close relationship between Mathematics and Physics has a rich history in Switzerland going back to Euler and members of the Bernoulli family. SwissMAP encourages mathematicians to use physical intuition and physicists to use advanced mathematical tools in their research. It creates new positions in Switzerland for faculty, postdocs and PhD students working at the edge between the two fields. It also organizes numerous conferences and workshops which encourage researchers from different fields to meet and start collaborations. The program believes that making high school, bachelor and master students learn about its research will awaken their interest and attract motivated young people into the field. This is why SwissMAP has an extensive outreach program.