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Our 3D models

3D models

Access our gallery of 3D models. They all can be visualised directly in the gallery. Some models can be downloaded in high resolution for visualisation in Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR).

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Our YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel with summary & supplementary videos from our articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, as well as less formal videos & links to related videos produced by others.

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Our galleries

Our galleries

Check here some great photos and videos from our field trips for sampling and investigating lizards, snakes and tortoises in Australia, Madagascar, Jamaica, Galapagos, Chile, Peru, and others.

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Supplementary visual material from publications

You will find here high resolution images, videos and 3D models associated to specific publications. The publications are listed in reverse chronological order.

  • We developed a simple and robust method of whole-mount collagen staining that provides visualisation of collagen 3D network architecture, via confocal or light-sheet microscopy, with unmatched resolution. Check here the (very) high-resolution images published in the original article: ‘High-Resolution Imaging of Collagen 3D Network Architecture in Very Large Samples’ Grigorii Timin & Michel C. Milinkovitch – iSciences 26, 106452 (2023).

  • Using high-resolution motion capture and functional morphology analyses, we have shown that elephants evolved strategies which reduce the biomechanical complexity of their trunk. We also revealed with unprecedented precision the functional anatomy of the African and Asian elephant trunks using medical imaging and macro-scale serial sectioning. Check here the summary video, the behaviours (videos), the kinematic strategies (videos and virtual animations) and the anatomy of the trunk (medical imaging, serial sections and 3D mesh reconstructions), as well as a virtual-reality (VR) 360° video. These are all supplementary materials for the original article: ‘Elephants evolved strategies reducing the biomechanical complexity of their trunk’ Paule Dagenais, Sean Hensman, Valérie Haechler & Michel C. Milinkovitch – Current Biology, Vol. 31, (August 2021)