Two new sections on our website

July 11th, 2023

Check out our two new sections on the LANE website ‘Visual Media’ and ‘Awesomeness’.

The ‘Visual Media’ page includes four subsections:

  • A gallery of 3D models, including some of our model species but also 3D meshes and 3D volumetric data from light-sheet and confocal microcopy. Some models can also be downloaded in high resolution for visualisation in Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR). This gallery will be populated with more models in the months to come.
  • Our YouTube channel with summary & supplemental videos from our articles published in international peer-reviewed journals… but also some 360° movies.
  • Our photo galleries with images from our field trips for sampling and studying lizards, snakes and tortoises in Australia, Madagascar, Jamaica, Galapagos, Chile, Peru, and others.
  • Supplementary visual material with high-resolution images, videos and 3D models associated to specific publications.

The ‘awesomeness’ page is populated, very parsimoniously, with still images and videos whose beauty speaks for itself. Although the intention is to let you appreciate the material as it is, a link is sometimes provided for more technical information. Enjoy.