Fast-Green Staining of Collagen 3D Network

Collagen fibres in a ball python (Python regius) embryonic skin.

A revolutionary method for unmatched visualisation of collagen 3D network architecture 
in large samples

Although notoriously difficult, imaging collagen network architecture, a key element affecting tissue mechanical properties, is of paramount importance in developmental and cancer biology. Here, we introduce a simple and robust method of whole-mount collagen staining with the ‘Fast Green’ dye that provides unmatched visualisation of collagen 3D network architecture, via confocal or light- sheet microscopy, compatible with solvent-based tissue clearing and immunostaining.

Our report is available in the following article

High-Resolution Confocal and Light-Sheet Imaging of Collagen 3D Network Architecture in Very Large Samples
Timin Grigorii & Michel C. Milinkovitch
iSciences 26, 106452 (2023)

Correspondence: Michel C. Milinkovitch

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Figure 1A