Richard Benders
+41 22 379 36 32

I obtained in 2017 my BSc degree Molecular Life Sciences  at Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the Netherlands. For my BSc  thesis, I used Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy and CRISPR-CAS9  technology in Arabidopsis. I performed this work  in the Laboratory of Biochemistry - Plant Development - under the  supervision of Martiza van Dop and prof Dolf Weijers. I started my MSc  Molecular Life Sciences in 2017, combining biology, chemistry and  physics at Wageningen University. I used electrical engineering  and programming combined with milifluidics to develop and asses an  in-flow quantification system of optical active chemicals using  UV/VIS-spectroscopy at the Laboratory of BioNanoTechnology under supervision of Vittorio Saggiomo and prof Aldrik Velders. 

I then joined the LANE (under the supervision of Prof  Michel C. Milinkovitch) for my MSc internship to investigate pigment  pattern formation in amphibians.