Urszula Brykczynska

I studied Biotechnology at the University of Warsaw (Poland). I then obtained my PhD in 2009 at the Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland. During my PhD, I investigated the role of histone methylation in the transmission of epigenetic information via mouse and human spermatozoa. I did a 2 year Post-Doc at the LANE where I studied the  diversity, evolution, and expression pattern of the corn snake vomeronasal receptor repertoires. I am now working at Novartis (Basel) since November 2011.

Selected publications

  • Contrasted evolution of the vomeronasal receptor repertoires in Mammals and Squamate reptiles

    Brykczynska, Tzika, Rodriguez & Milinkovitch

    Genome Biology Evolution 5, 2: 389-401 (2013)