Rory Cooper
+41 22 379 36 32

I undertook my PhD research in evolutionary developmental biology at the University of Sheffield, under the supervision of Dr. Gareth Fraser and Dr. Nicola Nadeau. My project primarily involved examining the development of dermal denticles in sharks. I joined the LANE as a Postdoc in February 2020 under the supervision of Prof. Michel Milinkovitch and Dr. Athanasia Tzika and will focus on addressing biological and physical processes involved in amniote skin appendage development.

Selected publications

  • Protocol for the rapid intravenous in ovo injection of developing amniote embryos

    Cooper RL, Santos-DurĂ¡n G, Milinkovitch MC

    STAR protocols 4, 2 (2023)

  • Transient agonism of the sonic hedgehog pathway triggers a permanent transition of skin appendage fate in the chicken embryo

    Rory L. Cooper and Michel C. Milinkovitch

    Science Advances 9, 20 (2023)