Paule Dagenais
+41 22 379 67 82

I completed a bachelor in physics and mathematics in 2012 and a master’s degree in condensed matter physics in 2015, both at the University of Montreal (Canada). My Master thesis consisted of a numerical analysis of structural defects and medium-range order in amorphous silicon. I then completed a PhD in biophysics at the University of Zurich (2019) where I studied the influence of hydrodynamic forces in the development and regeneration of the zebrafish caudal fin.

I joined the LANE in December 2019 to (i) study the anatomy and kinematics of the elephant trunk to provide new insights for the design of a biomimetic soft robotic arm and (ii) investigate mechanical aspects of embryogenesis.

Selected publications

  • Elephants evolved strategies reducing the biomechanical complexity of their trunk

    Dagenais P, Hensman S, Haechler V, Milinkovitch MC

    Current biology 31: 4727–4737 (2021)

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