Nicolas Di-Poi

I obtained my PhD (2000-2004) at the University of Lausanne, working on epithelial-mesenchymal interactions in mouse skin. I then performed a Post-Doc (2005-2009) in Denis Duboule’s laboratory at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) investigating Hox gene function, regulation and evolution in different vertebrate species including mice, lizards, and snakes. I then made a 3.5 years Post-Doc in Milinkovitch’s laboratory (LANE) where I investigated evolutionary developmental biology in reptiles. I am now a group leader in the Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki (Finland).

Selected publications

  • The Anatomical Placode in Reptile Scale Morphogenesis Indicates Shared Ancestry 
Among Skin Appendages in Amniotes

    Di-Poï N., M. C. Milinkovitch

    Science Advances 2, 6: e1600708 (2016)

  • Crocodylians Evolved Scattered Multi-Sensory Micro-Organs

    Di-Poï N. & M.C. Milinkovitch

    EvoDevo 4, 19 (2013)