Djordje Grbic

I graduated in July of 2011 at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. My Masters degree research project was on the use of heuristics and meta-heuristic applied to the problem of university exam timetabling. I joined the LANE in April 2012 for developing meta-heuristics for phylogeny inference in the framework of the MetaPIGA software.

Selected publications

  • Reptilian Transcriptomes v2.0: An Extensive Resource for Sauropsida Genomics and Transcriptomics

    Tzika A.C., Ullate-Agote A., Grbic D., M. C. Milinkovitch

    Genome Biology Evolution 7, 6: 1827-1841 (2015)

  • Phylogeography and support vector machine classification of colour variation in panther chameleons

    Grbic, Saenko, Randriamoria, Debry, Raselimanana & Milinkovitch

    Molecular Ecology 24, 13: 3455–3466 (2015)