António Martins

I obtained my master's degree in physical engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon in 2012, with a master thesis on astrophysics and general relativity. I joined the LANE in 2013 and obtained my PhD in May 2018. My dissertation was on the development of 3D geometry and colour texture reconstruction as well as on the physical mechanisms involved in patterning the skin of elephants.

Selected publications

  • R2OBBIE-3D, a Fast Robotic High-Resolution System for Quantitative Phenotyping of Surface Geometry and Colour-Texture

    Martins A., Bessant M., Manukyan L., M.C. Milinkovitch

    PLOS ONE 10, 6: e0126740 (2015)

  • Two waves of anisotropic growth generate enlarged follicles in the spiny mouse

    Sophie A Montandon, Athanasia C Tzika, António F Martins, Bastien Chopard and Michel C Milinkovitch

    EvoDevo 5, 33 (2014)